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Richard responded very quickly, came out and set traps and then came back and checked a week later. Very knowledgeable, approachable and speedy response.
Ian Andrews
I recently had a pest control visit from a company that I was very impressed with. From start to finish, the experience was seamless, and the team was professional, efficient, and friendly.

The technician arrived on time and listened to my concerns about the pest issue I was facing. He assessed the situation and recommended an appropriate method of treatment that was both effective and affordable. He also took the time to explain the process to me and answered all my questions, which was very helpful.

During the treatment process, the technician was careful to ensure that the product was applied in the appropriate areas, and he took steps to minimize any inconvenience to me. He was also very friendly and approachable, which made me feel at ease.

Overall, I was very satisfied with the pest control service provided by this company. They were affordable, efficient, and most importantly, they got the job done! I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs pest control services.
Sean Carey
I contacted East Anglian Pest Control after spotting a mouse in the house! Richard was really helpful and informative with what he would be able to do and clear with his pricing. Richard attended quickly after the phone call, which was a relief with young children around, and he put the traps etc down. Richard came back when he said he would and he had caught the offending mouse. He has also provided some advice and will help me in securing the house from future visitors!
Richard is very knowledgeable and helpful and has done exactly what he said he would. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending him to anyone who requires such a service.
ella matthews
We are very happy with the service and have renewed. Richard is always very quick to respond and carries out his visits very efficiently. As a fellow dog lover we can be sure that any pest control is safe for our dogs.
Sean Hickey
Eco Friendly Pest Control

C.R.R.U – Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use

We are proud members of the CRRU, and feel that we, as pest controllers, should be doing our best to protect non-target species. We aim to achieve this by using safe and responsible pest control and wildlife management methods, in line with our pledge as industry professionals to lead by example. Examples of our responsible control methods include a reduction in our use of rodenticides, and ensuring all deceased pests are cleared from properties to prevent second-hand poisoning.

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Our Simple Process For

Comprehensive Flying Insect Pest Control

If you require any of the above domestic and commercial pest control services and are located within the Suffolk and East Anglia areas then please do not hesitate to contact us as one of our professional pest control technicians will be more than happy to help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to leave the property for pest control?

This depends entirely on the method of pest control used. The professional evaluating the property will advise residents on whether it is necessary to leave, (this will be needed in cases of fumigation) or, whether specific areas should be avoided until treatment has been completed. Technicians should be advised of any particularly sensitive individuals, the presence of pets, or any areas requiring special care.

Why do some pests need multiple treatments?

Many pests, such as fleas, and bed bugs are highly mobile, with the ability to jump or crawl between locations or within a property. This, combined with their general ability to reproduce quickly and in large quantities, means that multiple visits or services may be required in order to ensure the removal of pests from all spaces.

Is pest control worth it?

It is no secret that there are many DIY pest control methods out there, ranging from the use of essential oils, to store-bought traps. These methods may be effective to some extent, however, the fast rate at which pests tend to reproduce can result in the need for multiple extensive treatments, or the use of professional grade treatments not available on the mass market. Hiring a pest control professional is the best way to access suitable treatments, and ensure pests present on property are effectively and safely dealt with.

The fast rate at which pests tend to reproduce can result in the need for multiple extensive treatments, or the use of professional grade treatments not available on the mass market.

Why is pest control important?

Pest control is important for a huge number of reasons. Listed below are just some of them;

· Health. Pests are carriers and transmitters of disease (many of which can be harmful to humans). Their presence on a property can lead to the contamination of food or stock, and subsequently, the development of illness or infection in property residents, customers, or staff.
· Safety. Pests can cause huge amounts of damage to properties themselves. Rodents in particular have a tendency to gnaw through structures and electrical wiring, which may eventually lead to a loss of integrity, or fire hazards.
· Reputation. The presence of pests in both residential and commercial properties can result in significant damage to reputation.

The list above is just a small sample of reasons why pest control is vital. By preventing or removing pests from a property, you are ensuring the health, safety, and reputation of your home or business are protected.

We offer effective solutions to a wide variety of pest-related issues.

Below are just some of the pests we deal with on a regular basis. If you can’t see what you’re looking for, feel free to contact us for an individual consultation.

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