We offer effective solutions to a wide variety of pest-related issues.

Below are just some of the pests we deal with on a regular basis. If you can’t see what you’re looking for, feel free to contact us for an individual consultation.

We can offer one-off or on-going contractual servicing.

Our Pest Control Service

East Anglian Pest Control is a reliable pest control service with safe methods of control using only approved rodenticides/insecticides etc. We are risk assessed to comply with the current Health and Safety at Work Act and provide full written reports to clients. We can also provide tailor-made contracts to suit.

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We offer a range of pest control services and have years of experience

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To prevent an infestation in the future, we offer pest proofing service

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We will conduct a full property inspection upon your request

Residential Pest Control

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    Services available across all stages of pest removal, from identification to prevention.
  • commercial pest control
    Free domestic evaluation, quotation and pest control advice.
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    Quick and efficient service – same day response often available.
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    All services are carried out in adherence to current health and safety guidelines and legislation by fully insured BPCA and TEC qualified professionals.

Commercial Pest Control

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    Free, no-obligation quotations and commercial site audits for all types of pest.
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    One-off and ongoing contractual services available.
  • emergency pest control services
    Responsible wildlife management completed by C.R.R.U members.
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    Specialist pest control services including bird proofing, fumigation, humane wildlife control, dropping cleaning, and tailored warehouse infestation solutions.

Humane Wildlife Pest Removal

Residential & Commercial Wildlife Control

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Rabbits have a burrow system known as a warren, and tunnels can be 1-2m long. The nest at the end of the tunnel is lined with grass, moss and belly fur. They use regular trails, which they scent mark with faecal pellets...

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The presence of ridges or small mounds of soil on the surface of lawns or gardens indicate moles are active in the area. Moles establish extensive tunnel systems to find food. They prefer moist soils...

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The Grey Squirrel is a surprisingly large animal, its head and body being around 25cm in length with a tail almost as long again and weighs in at around half a kilogram. Active during the day – and most especially around dawn and dusk – they forage for a wide range of food...

Accredited and Qualified Pest Control Services

best rated pest control company Ipswich

Very professional, knowledgeable and an extremely thorough service. The first spray did not completely work so came back out free of charge the second time round which completely eradicated the flee infestation. Worked around a time that suited us too which was made the whole process smooth which helped massively especially with lockdown and a toddler. Would highly recommend! Thanks again.

Faye Andrews

Richard was great, easy to deal with, very friendly. Very knowledgeable, honest and up front. Called me back even at the weekends. Great overall service and we would have no qualms about using again.

Emma West

Richard came on the day/time that he said, was polite and proceeded to investigate the problem.
After 2 visits the problem was resolved and have had no more issues. Very good service and highly recommend
Many thanks Andy

Andy Ely

Although I called and arranged for Richard to visit, we ended up cancelling the appointment as I feared our problem may be bats and they are protected. Richard talked me through the telltale signs to determine whether they were likely to be bats and explained the lack of treatable options. Although he talked himself out of a job, he saved me paying for a wasted visit. I would be happy to use his services, should we need to in the future.

Kevin Price
best pest control company ipswich

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